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acabar (verb) to ejaculate or, more general to have an orgasm note Used in Argentina. Literally it means to finish. Ohhh, estoy por acabar !! meaning Ohhh, I'm going to have an orgasm !!. It's obvious when it's used.
agilipollao (adj) stupid, fool note In Spain. Derived from gilipollas. Ex. Estas agilipollao
almeja (noun) cunt (direct translation= clam) note A very strong word. DO NOT say it to a lady! Used in phrases such as : "le comi la almeja" which means "I licked her cunt"
arma (noun, fem.) penis note Literally, this means "weapon"; pronounced "AR-mah".
arrecho horny note Used in Peru and Ecuador for "horny"
arrima tu prima fuck the hell out of your cousin note these are cool words around gentleman
asqueroso (adjective) smth. disgusting - una cosa asquerosa
asqueroso,a (noun) disgusting person, asshole


bajar al pozo to eat pussy note Cuban usage. Ex: A Pedro le gusta bajar al pozo. Translation: Pete likes to eat pussy.
bandera roja (noun, fem.) (adj., fem.) menstruation note Literally, this means "red flag".
basuco (noun, masc.) crack (smokable form of cocaine) note pronounced "baa-SU-co"; Mexican, Central and South American Spanish)
beso negro (noun) The act of having a woman or a man sucking someone´s anus (ass hole), first licking the external surroundings of it and afterwards having her/his tongue introduced into the rectum completely. note Literally, black kiss. It is a term widely known among promiscuous social stablishments in Spain, but also known as an act of supreme and refined taste among aristocrats in Spain, France and Italy for the last two centuries. It was considered as about the most pleasant act a female could do for a man, and is widely documented in French and Spanish Erotic Literature. Also, Spanish and French courtesans would appreciate the quality of a gentleman´s manners by the way he would perform it. Nowadays, it is becoming a fashionable act, as tradition is recovered.
bicho (noun) Refers to the male penis note It is commonly use in Puerto Rico to refer to the male penis, not in a disrespectful way, but with a common street name. In South America it means a litle animal, something like a bug or spider.
bollo (masc., noun) cunt, pussy note used in western Venezuela. Example: Tremendo bollo!! (Nice cunt!!!). Please note that in other areas of Venezuela it means 'mess' or 'trouble' so the same expression 'Tremendo bollo' would mean 'big mess' or 'deep trouble' in other areas of the same country.
buscar flete to hunt for pussy, go looking for a piece of ass note Cuban slang. Example: Oye chico, vamos a salir a buscar flete por ahi. Translation: Hey man, let's go out and look for some ass.


caballo (noun) heroin note Literally means "horse". The word "Jaco" has the same meaning.
caballo Maxi pad (i.e., kotex, stayfree, etc.). note Literally, it means "horse". Rude only when used in this sense.
cabron (noun, masc.) billy-goat (literally), cuckold (fig.) note Widely used as an insult meaning, besides cuckhold, son of a bitch, bastard, dishonest or treacherous person.
cabron (noun, masc.) a man who allows another man to have sex with his woman and doesn't do anything about it note Literally, this word means billy-goat. However, this widely used term means more than just bastard or bitch. This is a VERY rude term in Mexico, Central and South America. It can also mean faggot. An example of its usage lies in this popular phrase: "Chingate tu madre, cabron!" ("Fuck your mother, you fucking incompetent piece of shit who can't even get an erection!")
cachapera (fem, noun) lesbian note used in Venezuela. Can also be used as a verb (Cachapear). Example: Ellas se estaban cachapeando/ Ellas estaban cachapeandose (They were having lesbian sex). Derived from the word cachapa, a very thin mashed fresh corn grilled cake/patty, that is usually served in stacks like pancakes in U.S.
Cachar to copulate note Used in Perú. For other countries, see "tirar", "coger", "cepillar" ",montar", "comer"
cagada (noun,fem) shit, dook, stinky poo note equivalent to 'shit', you may say 'es la cagada' meaning 'it is the shit'
capullo (noun, masc.) bud (literally) glans, the head of the penis (fig.) note Used as an insult it means asshole, idiot.
carajo (noun, masc.) penis (falling into disuse with this meaning) note Widely used in expressions like "Vete al carajo" (Go to hell!), "Que carajo quieres?" (What the fuck do you want?)
caray! Damn it! note This is a general expression that is always used as an expletive. Its equivalent in English would be "Oh, Fuck!" or "Oh, Shit!". Used throughout Spain and Mexico.
casquete (verb) fuck (have a) note to have a fuck. For example " hechar un casquete " to have a fuck. Quite rude so don't say it to a lady if you fancy a shag.
casquete fuck (have a) note to have a fuck. For example " hechar un casquete " to have a fuck. Quite rude so don't say it to a lady if you fancy a shag.
cipote (noun, masc.) penis
Coger to copulate note Used in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. For other countries, see "tirar", "cachar", "cepillar" ",montar", "comer"
cojonear to fuck around note Cuban slang. Example: Pedro siempre esta cojoneando conmigo. Translation: Pete's always fucking around with me.
cojones (noun, masc. pl.) balls, testicles note Also used as an interjection denoting surprise, annoyance.
comemierda (Insult, fool, shiteater) note This word is commonly used bt cubans. It is very commonly used
comer to copulate note Used in Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela. Lit. "to eat". For other countries, see "cachar", "coger", "cepillar" ",montar", "tirar"
concha (fem. noun) cunt note Uruguayan slang. La concha de tu madre (your mom's cunt) is a strong insult. La concha tuya (your cunt). Conchita (diminutive), Concha Peluda (hairy cunt) are other common uses of the word.
conejo (noun, masc.) rabbit (literally), cunt (fig.)
coño (noun, masc.) cunt note May be used as an interjection meaning surprise, annoyance, or physical pain.
correrse (verb, reflexive) to have an orgasm note the intransitive "correr" means to run. Only the reflexive form has a sexual connotation.
crica pussy note Used mostly in Puerto Rico.
culear to move the ass (lit), to fuck (fig)
culero note (noun, Spain) Petty drug dealer who smuggles hashish from Morocco to Spain by hiding it within his/her ass. (adj, Mexico) unpleasant, stroppy.
culo (noun, masc.) ass
cutre (masc. or fem., noun & adjective) idiot, jerk; sth you don't like (una cosa cutre)
chacon (noun, fem) cunt note This come from the Argentinian lunfardo (slang) where many words are inverted by sillabes. So the original is concha. La chacon de tu madre should be read as La concha de tu madre (Your mother's cunt)
chapero In Spain, male homosexual prostitute note Quite despective; only poor kids are supposed to play with "chapas".
chardo (noun, masc.) black person note This is Cuban slang for "nigger".
chichis (noun) Tits note Used to talk about "large" women. You know what I mean.
Chinga tu madre Fuck your mother note I think it speaks for itself.
chingar to fuck note Mexican Spanish. Can be used on its own or in a sentence as 'chinga tu puta madre'. Literally it means 'fuck your mother of a whore' and is used in the same sense as 'fuck you'.
chocho (adj. masc.) cunt note Has the same meanings in Spain as in Mexico. Can be used as verb: "chochear", meaning that you are senile; rude for people over 50 Ex. "Este tio chochea"
chocho, chocha (noun, masc. or fem.) cunt
cholo (noun, masc.) pimp note (Mex. and Puerto Rican Spanish) This word is also used to mean half-breed / mixed race.
Chupame la polla!!! Suck my dick note Someone wrote Chupar Es Mi pinga..... that doesn't make any sense, you could say 'Chupame mi pinga' or 'Chupame la polla' or 'Chupamela'. All of them are very rude.
Chupar Es Mi Pinga suck my dick note pronounced- chewpar s me peenga


dabuten (adj.) great, cool (una tía dabuten: a great girl) note especially used in Madrid, derived from "de puta madre"; same meaning as: chachi, guay
dar candela por el culo to take it up the ass;to fuck someone in the ass; note Cuban usage; Ex: A Maria le gusta que le dan candela por el culo. Translation: Mary likes to take it up the ass.
dar por {el} culo to bugger
del rejue (phrase) prostitute note (Mexican and Guat. slang)
del rejuego (phrase) prostitute note variation of rejue; (Mexican and Guat. slang)


encular (verb) to bugger note To fuck by the asshole.
ese (noun, masc.) homeboy note A very friendly term to refer to your amigo. (Mexican and Puerto Rican Spanish); An example: "Oye ese! Que hay de nuevo?" ("Hey there, homeboy, what's up?").


Fachar (verb) to fuck a woman "Esta buena, yo me la facho" note used in Venezuela
falo (noun, masc.) penis
fletear to cruise,to walk the streets note verb used in Cuba to describe what streetwalkers do. Example: Maria esta fleteando por las calles hoy, Translation: Mary is cruising the streets today.
follar (verb, trans. and intrans.) to fuck
foquin (adj.) fucking note This is a Puerto Rican parroting of the English "fucking." It is pronounced "FOH-kin"


gilipollas {adjective} dumb ass, idiot, stupid note used in spain
grilla (noun, fem.) marijuana note (lit) female cricket; a quarrel. (Mexican, Central and South American slang)
güebo cock note noun used commonly in Santo Domingo instead of "pinga", especially in phrases such as "mama mi güebo" (suck my cock).


hacer la {una} paja to masturbate note The reflexive form ("hacerse una paja") means to masturbate oneself. The transitive form ("le hizo una paja a su amigo") means to masturbate somebody else.
hacer la sopa (verb) to perform oral sex to a woman, to lick a woman´s pussy (fig.) note Literally means " to make a soup" . Example : Te voy a hacer la sopa ( I am going to suck your pussy)
hacer un cuadro to make a daisy chain note Cuban usage. Vamos buscar tres jebas y hacer un cuadro. Translation: Let's find three broads and make a daisy chain.
hacer una cubana (transitive and regular verb, periphrasis) to place a man's pennis between woman's breasts and use these to shake it up, so that the man can jerk off on them note It is frequently used in Spain as to define the hottest act a woman may perform for a man.I.e: Hazme una cubana, hazme una cubanita.
hacerse las punjetas [nj as in Espanja} To masturbate
hijo de puta son of a bitch
hostia it means punch or hit also used as an exclamation note used in spain
huevos (guevos) eggs (lit) testicles


ir a botar el agua al canario to go take a leak; to piss; note Cuban slang. Ex: Voy a botar el agua al canario. Translation: I'm gonna go take a leak.


joder (verb, trans. and intrans.) to fuck
joder (verb, trans. and intrans.) to fuck, to bother.
Jodete y aprieta el culo! Cuban slang. Means: Go fuck yourself! note Need anything be said of this expression?
joto Faggot. note Literally, "Joto" is the Jack from a deck of cards.
jugar a los dos bandos to swing both ways; to be bisexual; note Cuban verbal expression, Ex: Yo creo que Pedro juega a los dos bandos. Translation: I think Pete swings both ways.


La concha de tu madre Fuck your mother note Argentine- Chilean slang. Also "conche tu madre". Equivalent to Mexican "Chinga tu madre"
las zonas (noun, fem., plural) red light districts note These are the areas in Mexican and Columbian cities where male and female prostitutes have sex with their clients inside of blanket partitions hung up on clotheslines; pronounced "lass SOH-naas".
leche (noun, fem.) milk (literally), semen (fig.) note As an expletive it translates roughly as Shit, Fuck.
Los Manos The hands


llello (noun, masc.) cocaine, crack note (Mex. and Puerto Rican Spanish)


madre (noun, fem.) mother fucker note In Mexico, this is the same as saying "mother fucker". If you want to talk about your mother or someone else's mother in a friendly manner, say "mama". If you have a death wish, say "Oye! Tu madre!" on the streets of Mexico. Mexicans take their mother's very seriously!
mal aire (adj., masc.) (noun, masc) to fart note Means "bad air". It is a general term used in all Spanish-speaking countries.
mala semana (adj., fem) (noun, fem.) menstruation note Literally, means "bad week". It is pronounced "MA-la say-MAH-na".
maleton (noun, masc.) son of a bitch note Literally, this term appears to mean "you are a bad one," however, it is quite an insult to Mexicans and South Americans.
mamar (verb, trans. and intrans.) to suck
marico homosexual note (noun)
maricon (noun, masc.) male homosexual note As an insult it has more or less the same meaning as "cabron"
maricon de playa faggot {the worst kind} note used in spain
marimacha Lesbian. note I suppose it's derived from Mari (Maria?) + Mach(o).
me cago en ... fuck the ...; literally "I shit on ..." note examples: me cago en ...(San) Dios; la madre que te parió; la virgen santa; los santos de Covadonga; el obispo negro; la leche; etc.
me cago en la tapa del organo y me revuelco encima de la mierda (phrase) Damn it, shit note Phrase used when things went wrong or had unexpected bad results
me vale or me vale madre I don't give a fuck or "me vale Madre", which is a slightly stronger way of putting it. note used when someone is nagging you or being bothersome. Used as a comeback or expletive
meterla de mira quien viene to fuck doggie-style, to fuck in the ass note Cuban slang. Ex: Te la voy a meter de mira quien viene. Trans: I'm gonna fuck you doggie style.
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