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cael Alternative forms: caffael, caffel pronunciation
  • (North Wales) /kɑɨ̯l/
  • (South Wales) /kai̯l/
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etymology Syncopated form of caffel, from wlm caffael, verbal noun from Proto-Celtic *kab- (compare Cornish kavoes, Breton kavout), alteration of Proto-Indo-European *keh₂p- 〈*keh₂p-〉 (compare Latin capiō, English have, heave, Albanian kap).
verb: {{head}}
  1. to get, receive, have exampleMi gaf i Sbaeneg nesaf. I have Spanish next. examplecael brecwast to have breakfast
  2. (colloquial) to get to, be allow to, may (with a verbal noun) exampleGawn ni weld y ffilm hwyr heno? Do we get to see the late film tonight?
  3. (colloquial) used with a possessive determiner (agreeing with the subject) and a verbal noun to form a construction with passive meaning exampleGaeth Terry ei tharo gan bêl eira. Terry got hit by a snowball (literally, Terry got her hitting by a snowball). exampleMae’r tŷ yn cael ei godi. 〈Mae’r tŷ yn cael ei godi.〉 The house is being built (literally, The house is getting its building).
mutation: {{cy-mut-c}}

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