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cae etymology From wlm kay, from Proto-Celtic *kagion (compare Cornish ke, Breton kae, Old Irish caí), from Proto-Indo-European *kagʰom (compare Latin cohum, English haw), from *kagʰ-. More at cau. pronunciation
  • (cy-N) /kɑɨ̯/
  • (cy-S) /kai̯/
noun: {{cy-noun}}
  1. field exampleBeth yw’r ysgubor ar ganol y cae? 〈Beth yw’r ysgubor ar ganol y cae?〉 What’s the barn in the middle of the field?[ They Thought You’d Say This]
related terms:
  • cau
  • caer
  • mynci
verb: {{head}}
  1. (literary) inflection of cau
Alternative forms: caeiff (colloquial), caeith (colloquial)
mutation: {{cy-mut-c}}

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