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انگریزی 〈ạngry̰zy̰〉 pronunciation
  • /ə̃ɡreziː/
adjective: {{ur-adj}}
  1. English
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. English (language)
  2. (colloquial) white-skinned person
Synonyms: انگریز 〈ạngry̰z〉
بولی 〈bwly̰〉
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. speech
  2. (colloquial) language
جمانا 〈jmạnạ〉
verb: {{ur-verb}}
  1. to fix
  2. to lay in place
  3. to freeze
  4. to establish
  5. (colloquial) to hit
جوکھمی 〈jwḵھmy̰〉 etymology From جوکھم 〈jwḵھm〉 + ی 〈y̰〉.
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. adventurer
  2. fortune hunter
  3. (slang) gold digger
adjective: {{ur-adj}}
  1. hazardous
  2. dangerous
  3. perilous
  4. risky
  5. chanceful
  6. touch-and-go
لنڈ 〈lnڈ〉 etymology From Sanskrit.
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang, anatomy) penis, cock, dick میرا لنڈ کھڑا ہو گیا. 〈my̰rạ lnڈ ḵھڑạ ہw gy̰ạ.〉 Merā lãṇḍ khaṛā ho gayā. I have a boner. (lit. my dick stood up) اپنے زبان سے میرے لنڈ صاف کر. 〈ạpnے zbạn sے my̰rے lnڈ ṣạf ḵr.〉 Apne zabān se mere lãṇḍ sāf kar. Clean my dick with your tongue.
Synonyms: (standard) ذکر 〈dẖḵr〉
معاملہ 〈mʿạmlہ〉 pronunciation
  • [mʊamla]
  • (colloquial) [mamla]
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. matter
  2. case
  3. affair
  4. issue حکومت نے اس معاملے کو نظر انداز کیا ہے Hukūmat ne is muāmle ko nazar andāz kiyā hai The government has ignored this matter.
مورکھ 〈mwrḵھ〉 etymology From Sanskrit मूर्ख 〈mūrkha〉.
adjective: {{ur-adj}}
  1. stupid, dumb
  2. childish
  3. dense
  4. dizzy
  5. foolish
Synonyms: نادان 〈nạdạn〉
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. fool, idiot, moron
  2. (vulgar) boob
  3. (vulgar) asshole
ٹٹى 〈ٹٹy̱〉
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar) shit, faeces
پاخانه 〈pạkẖạnh〉 etymology From the Persian words پا 〈pạ〉, and خانه 〈kẖạnh〉.
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. lavatory, toilet
  2. (vulgar) faeces, shit
پھدی 〈pھdy̰〉
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) cunt, pussy, vagina
پیشہ 〈py̰sẖہ〉 etymology From Persian پیشه 〈py̰sẖh〉.
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. profession, occupation, trade, business
  2. art, skill, craft
  3. (pejorative) prostitution, prostitute’s occupation
چوت 〈cẖwt〉 etymology From Sanskrit च्युति 〈cyuti〉.
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. vulva
  2. anus
  3. (slang, vulgar) cunt, pussy
  4. (slang, vulgar) ass
  5. (slang, offensive) extremely unpleasant or objectionable person
چودنا 〈cẖwdnạ〉 pronunciation
  • [tʃod̪na]
verb: {{ur-verb}}
  1. to copulate
  2. (vulgar) to fuck
چودگھر 〈cẖwdgھr〉 etymology Compounded from چود + گھر.
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) brothel, bawdy-house
ڈھکن 〈ڈھḵn〉
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. bottle cap or a cork to close a bottle
  2. lid
  3. cover
  4. (slang) An idiot, but used in a friendly way. For example, one might ask a friend "how are you, dhakkan?"
کون 〈ḵwn〉
etymology 1 From Sanskrit.
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. corner
  2. angle
etymology 2 From Sanskrit.
pronoun: {{head}}
  1. who
  2. which
  3. what
etymology 3 From Persian کون 〈ḵwn〉.
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. fundament
  2. (vulgar) arse
  3. (vulgar) anus
گانڈ 〈gạnڈ〉 Alternative forms: گانڑ 〈gạnڑ〉
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. (vulgar slang) asshole, butthole the anus
related terms:
  • گانڈو 〈gạnڈw〉
گانڈو 〈gạnڈw〉 etymology From گانڈ 〈gạnڈ〉.
noun: {{ur-noun}}
  1. (vulgar slang) buttfucker a man who plays the active role in anal sex with other men
  2. (vulgar slang) A very general insult: asshole, shithead, fucker, son of a bitch, faggot, queer, traitor

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