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кацап 〈kacap〉 Alternative forms: кацаб (Western Ukraine) etymology From цап 〈cap〉 with a prefix ка- 〈ka-〉. Likening a stereotypically bearded Russian man to a goat. Compare каца́р 〈kacár〉. A common folk etymology explains the word as “как-цап” (kak-cap, “like a billy goat”), deriving from Russian как 〈kak〉. Another credible etymology is from Turkish kasap, from Arabic قصاب 〈qṣạb〉. Compare Tatar kasar, Ukrainian закаца́пити 〈zakacápiti〉, Bulgarian касап 〈kasap〉 and касапин 〈kasapin〉, Serbo-Croatian kasap and kasapin, Romanian casap.
noun: {{uk-noun}}
  1. (slang, pejorative) katsap, a Russian person, Russian, Russki
Synonyms: кацалап, москаль

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