The Alternative Thai Dictionary: มติมหาโจร

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มติมหาโจร 〈mti mh̄ā cor〉 etymology From มติ〈mati〉 ‘opinion; resolution; etc.’ + มหา〈maha〉 ‘great’ + โจร〈chon〉 ‘criminal; outlaw; robber; thief; etc.’; literally meaning "opinion of a great outlaw" or "opinion of the majority of the outlaw"; mock the term มติมหาชน 〈mtimh̄āchn〉. pronunciation
  • [mä˥.ti˩.mä˥.häː˩˦.t͡ɕõːn˧]
noun: {{head}}
  1. (slang) majority opinion or public opinion that is corrupt, debased, evil, immoral, etc.
Synonyms: มติโจร 〈mti cor〉

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