The Alternative Thai Dictionary: พ่อง

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พ่อง 〈ph̀x ng〉 etymology From พ่อ〈pho〉 + มึง〈mueng〉, literally "your father". pronunciation
  • [pʰɔ̃ŋ˥˩]
interjection: {{head}}
  1. (internet slang, vulgar) exclamation of anger, disapproval, or discontent.
noun: {{head}}
  1. (internet slang, vulgar) used as an intensifier to express anger, disapproval, or discontent.
    • ทำพ่องไรมึง What the hell are you doing?
    • สนใจพ่องไร What the heck do you care?
related terms:
  • ป้าง 〈p̂āng〉 (pang; literally "your aunt")
  • แม่ง 〈mæ̀ ng〉 (maeng; literally "your mother")

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