The Alternative Thai Dictionary: บ่องตง

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บ่องตง 〈b̀xng tng〉 etymology From corruption (linguistics) pronunciation and reduction (linguistics) of บอกตรง ๆ 〈bxk trng «〉 (bok trong trong; "to be honest", "to tell the truth"; literally "to speak frankly"). pronunciation
  • [bɔ̃ŋ˨˩.tõŋ˧]
phrase: {{head}}
  1. (internet slang, childish) to be honest; to tell the truth.
related terms:
  • ต่อมตง 〈t̀xm tng〉
  • ถ่ามตง 〈t̄h̀ām tng〉

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