The Alternative Thai Dictionary: ขี้โกงมะโรงมะเส็ง

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ขี้โกงมะโรงมะเส็ง 〈k̄hī̂ kong marong mas̄ĕng〉 etymology From ขี้โกง〈khi kong〉 ‘deceitful’ + มะโรง〈marong〉 ‘dragon’ + มะเส็ง〈marong〉 ‘snake’; the words marong and maseng being just for emphasis and for creating a rhythmical compound, without any special meaning. pronunciation
  • [kʰiː˥˩.kõːŋ˧.mä˥.rõːŋ˧.mä˥.sẽŋ˩˥]
adjective : {{head}}
  1. (childish) deceitful.

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