The Alternative Swedish Dictionary: dricka

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etymology 1 From Old Swedish drikka, from Old Norse drekka, from Proto-Germanic *drinkaną.
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verb: {{sv-verb-irr}}
  1. to drink
  2. to regularly drink alcohol
troponyms: to drink
  • bälga
to drink alcohol
  • supa
  • drickfärdig
  • dricksfontän
  • dricksglas
  • drickoffer
  • drickspengar
  • drickspenningsystem, drickspenningssystem
  • dricksvatten
  • dricksvattenfontän
etymology 2 See the above verb.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. a drink; something which is drinkable (especially of soft drinks)
  2. beer or similar drink; rootbeer
  3. (colloquial) the water, the sea, the lake Falla i drickat fall into the water
  • cider
  • juice
  • mjölk
  • must
  • saft
  • sockerdricka
  • sprit
  • svagdricka
  • vatten
  • vin
  • öl
  • drickaback
  • drickabil
The neuter form (drickat) refers to the substance in general, e.g. all beverages at a party or all water in the lake. The common gender form (drickan) refers to a specific bottle (min dricka, din dricka) or a specific recipe (svagdrickan, lingondrickan).
related terms:
  • dryck

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