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di etymology {{rfe}}
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. suck, suckle; milk from the mother (human or animal) directly to the offspring
related terms:
  • dibarn
pronoun: {{head}}
  1. (dialectal) they
    • 1895, Gustaf Fröding, Tre käringer i en backe Dä satt tre käringer i en backe, å di va vinne å di va skacke, Three old women were sitting in a slope, and they were wry and they were crooked,
  2. (dialectal) your, yours; feminine of din
    • 1886, Fredrik August Dahlgren, Frierfâla Ho får sej nåck en hârr-khär, hva länge dä lir, Men se dä ska ja’ sij’ dej att allri di ho blir. She will surely get herself a gentleman before long, But I will say to you, that yours she'll never be.
Alternative forms: they de, dom (colloquial), your din

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