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data etymology Latin plural of datum, "that which is given", given information, facts at hand, a date in the calendar.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. (uncountable) information, especially encoded information that can be processed by computers
  2. (colloquial) short for dator, a computer Det är fel på datan Something's wrong with the computer
    • 1966, Olof Johannesson (pen name of ), "Sagan om den stora datamaskinen" De första datorna var ju också mycket enkla. And the first computers were very simple.
  • The first definition is rarely inflected, but most often used in its basic form. In the definite form, both neuter (datat) and common gender (datan) forms are used. For the compound indata, Google yields 440,000 hits, but only 2110 for indatan and 1200 for indatat. The Latin singular datum is not used in this sense, because it is already Swedish for date (in the calendar).
  • Swedish lacked a good and short word for computer until dator was proposed in 1968. The colloquial "data" was used in the 1960s and survived into the 1980s. Confusing enough, dator is also the plural of data, and the plural definite forms datorerna/datorna are very similar.

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