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böna etymology From Old Norse baun, from Proto-Germanic *baunō, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰabʰ-, *bʰabʰ-eh₂- 〈*bʰabʰ-eh₂-〉. The final -a was added under Middle Low German influence.
noun: {{sv-noun}}
  1. bean
  2. (slang) chick; woman
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. to beg desperately
  2. (archaic) to purify wooden buckets or utensils with abstract of juniper (enlag), to remove any taste they have taken on from previous contents Byttor, baljor och såar, som skola begagnas vid byk och slakt, böra först renskuras både inuti och utanpå med sand och vatten, innan de bönas. Bowls, casks, and tubs to be used for washing or slaughter, should first be cleaned inside and out with sand and water, before they are purified.

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