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apa etymology From Old Swedish apa, from Old Norse api, from Proto-Germanic *apô, from Proto-Indo-European *abō-. pronunciation
  • /ˈɑːˌpa/ {{audio}}
noun: {{head}}
  1. A primate; ape, monkey. De visade en dokumentär om apor på teve. "They showed a documentary about primates on TV."
  2. (slang, derogatory) A dumb or annoying person; idiot. Vad gör den där jävla apan här? "What's that bitch doing here?"
  3. (colloquial, idiomatic) A bad smell. Det luktar apa här inne. "It smells terrible in here."
  4. (nautical, historical) A sail on the main mast or mizzen mast of a sailing ship.
verb: {{sv-verb-reg}}
  1. To (attempt to) imitate without a sense of originality, usually with the particle efter; to ape, to monkey. De apade bara efter det jag hade skrivit. "They just aped what I had written."
  2. To behave in a whimsical or foolish manner; to clown around. Reflexive verb. Hon apade sig inför hela klassen. "She monkeyed around in front of the whole class."
related terms:
  • efterapa

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