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buzi etymology From mbuzi.
noun: {{sw-noun}}
  1. augmentative of mbuzi: big goat
  2. (slang) sugar daddy
lazima etymology From Arabic لازم 〈lạzm〉. pronunciation
  • {{qual}} /ˈlɑ.zi.mɑ/
  • {{qual}} /lɑˈzi.mɑ/
adverb: {{head}}
  1. necessarily
Precedes a verb to give the meaning "must". Synonyms: sharti
Mvita etymology From mvita, in reference to the many wars fought over control of the city.
proper noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) Mombasa
  2. A district of Mombasa.
ng'ombe pronunciation
  • /ˈŋɔ.mbɛ/
noun: {{sw-noun}}
  1. cow (female domesticated ox or other bovine)
  2. (pejorative) idiot
  • Under animacy rules for Swahili, this noun take class 1/2 affixes: ng'ombe mzuri (nice cow, class 1) ng'ombe wazuri (nice cows, class 2) Ng'ombe anakula majani (The cow is eating grass)
noun: {{sw-noun}}
  1. camel
  2. (pejorative) idiot
Synonyms: (idiot) ng'ombe
ninakupenda etymology Compound present-tense verb form made up of ni- (1st. person singular subject marker) + -na- (present tense) + -ku- (2nd. person singular object marker) + penda (love, plain form).
phrase: {{head}}
  1. I love you (informal)
  2. I like you
related terms:
  • nakupenda
stima etymology From English steamer.
noun: {{sw-noun}}
  1. steamer (cooking appliance)
  2. electricity
Synonyms: (electricity) umeme {{qual}}
noun: {{sw-noun}}
  1. taboo (inhibition or ban)
{{tbot entry}}
thumuni etymology From Arabic ثُمُن 〈tẖumun〉. pronunciation
  • (prescribed, Arabic) /ˈθ
  • (colloquial) /suˈ
noun: {{sw-noun}}
  1. one-eighth
  2. (obsolete) a coin worth sixpence; half a shilling
  3. (obsolete) a coin worth an eighth of a silver coin
noun: {{sw-noun}}
  1. lightning
  2. (informal) electricity (form of energy)
Synonyms: (electricity) stima

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