The Alternative Spanish Dictionary: a huevo

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a huevo pronunciation
  • /a ˈwe.βo/
adverb: {{es-adv}}
  1. (colloquial, vulgar, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua) forcedly having no choice and with great effort A huevo nos tocó que cargar el piano - We had to carry the piano, having no choice A puro huevo A puro huevo logré terminar los ejercicios - I managed to finish the exercises with an inhuman effort, having no choice
  2. (colloquial, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador) very cheap
interjection: {{es-interj}}
  1. (colloquial, vulgar, El Salvador, México) That's so true! ¡A huevo! ¡Se me había olvidado! - That's so true! I forgot about it!

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