The Alternative Serbo-Croatian Dictionary: crven

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etymology 1 From Proto-Slavic *čьrvenъ 〈*čʹrvenʺ〉, which is a passive participle of *čьrviti 〈*čʹrviti〉, where is a kind of worm used as a red dye (compare cȓv). Alternative forms: (obsolete, dialectal) črven, črlen pronunciation
  • /tsřʋen/
  • {{hyphenation}}
adjective: {{sh-adj}}
  1. red exampleupali crveno sv(j)etlo switch to red light examplesm(ij)em piti/da pijem crveno vino I' m allowed to drink red wine" examplekosa joj je oprana, usne crvene, a zubi b(ij)eli her hair is washed, her lips are red, and her teeth are white examplestisni crveno dugme push the red button
  2. (substantively) revolutionary, Red examplecrveni se pregrupiraju na granici the Reds are regrouping at the border
  3. (substantively, in masculine) the Red Army soldier
  4. (substantively, in masculine, pejorative) sympathizer or a member of extreme left; a communist examplecrveni su opet ugrabili vlast na izborima communists have won the elections again
  5. (substantively, in feminine) the red color examplemoja omiljena boja je crvena my favorite color is red
  6. ruddy, rubicund examplecrveni obrazi ruddy cheeks
  7. gules
  8. idiomatic and figurative meanings exampleCrvena armija the Red Army exampleCrveni krst/Crveni križ the Red Cross; exampleCrvena garda examplecrvena krvna grupa examplecrvena pomoć exampleCrvena subota exampleCrveno barjače examplecrveni v(j)etar examplecrveni vosak examplecrveni polum(j)esec examplecrveni kutić/ugao examplepustiti/puštati crvenoga p(ij)etla examplecrvena knjižica examplecrveni div examplecrveni karton examplecrveni telefon examplecrveni fenjer
etymology 2 From the adjective cr̀ven pronunciation
  • /tsr̂ʋeːn/
  • {{hyphenation}}
noun: {{sh-noun}}
  1. red (color, or something red-colored)
  2. scarlet fever

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