The Alternative Portuguese Dictionary: consciente

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consciente etymology From Latin consciens, from consciō, from con- + sciō. pronunciation
  • (Brazil) /ˌkõ.si.ˈẽ.t͡ʃi/, /kõ.ˈsjẽ.t͡ʃi/
  • (South Brazil) /ˌkõ.si.ˈẽ.te/, /kõ.ˈsjẽ.te/
adjective: {{pt-adj}}
  1. (medicine) conscious not sleeping, fainted or in coma
  2. aware having knowledge of something
  3. ethical morally approvable
Synonyms: (conscious) acordado, (aware) por dentro (slang), (ethical) ético
  • (conscious) inconsciente
  • (aware) por fora (slang)
  • (ethical) antiético
noun: {{pt-noun}}
  1. (psychology) the part of the mind one consciously perceive
coordinate terms:
  • inconsciente, subconsciente

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