The Alternative Portuguese Dictionary: chapa

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chapa etymology From French chape. pronunciation
  • (Portugal) /ˈʃa.pɐ/
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noun: {{pt-noun}}
  1. plate flat piece of metal
    1. license plate an identifying plate attached to a vehicle
    2. (cooking) a heated metal plate used to cook food
  2. (informal) X-ray photograph made with X-rays
  3. people in the same party running in an election
noun: {{pt-noun}}
  1. (Brazil, colloquial) mate; pal; buddy term of address for a friend
  2. (Brazil) a person who helps truck drivers find locations and exchange cargos
Synonyms: (license plate) placa, (X-ray) raio X, radiografia, (mate) cara, mano, colega, parceiro, amigo
verb: {{pt-verb-form}}
  1. {{pt-verb-form-of}}

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