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bareizm etymology Bareja + izm, {{named-after}}, a Polish filmmaker best known for comedy films satirizing the absurdities of communist Poland. Originally coined as a pejorative term (sense #2) by in the 1960s in criticisms of Bareja's works. pronunciation
  • /ˈba.rɛizm/
noun: {{pl-noun}}
  1. (informal) a certain type of bureaucratic absurdity reminiscent of communism {{seeCites}}
  2. (obsolete, originally intended as pejorative) the filmmaking style of Bareja's movies and their sense of humour; kitsch
Examples of things which could be called a bareizm are blundering inefficiencies, pettiness of clerical staff, spectacular failures to care for customers, pointless procedures and outlandish rules that have no discernible rationale. The term carries the connotation that the absurdities arise as a result of excessive bureaucracy, incompetence and resistance to change.

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