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afera etymology From French affaire, from faire, from Latin ad- + faciō. pronunciation
  • /aˈfɛ.ra/
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noun: {{pl-noun}}
  1. scandal; affair; discovered conspiracy to commit crime exampleJego reputacja ucierpiała z powodu afery rolnej. His reputation suffered as a result of the farm scandal.
  2. (by extension, colloquial) stir; upheaval exampleNie powinnaś mówić o jego przeszłości, w firmie zrobiła się straszna afera. You shouldn't have talked about his past, it caused quite a stir in the company.
In the sense "scandal", this word is often followed by an adjective or a noun in genitive in order to specify a particular scandal. Examples include afera rolna, afera Rywina and afera taśmowa.
related terms:
  • aferzysta

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