The Alternative Libyan Arabic Dictionary: قرقابة

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قرقابة 〈qrqạbẗ〉 pronunciation
  • /ɡərɡaːba/
noun: قرقابة 〈qrqạbẗ〉 (gərgāba) {{g}}
  1. a set of one or two cylindrical millstone with an axle through their centers. used to grind olives to produce oil.
  2. millstone
noun: قرقابة 〈qrqạbẗ〉 (gərgāba) {{g}}
  1. plural form of قرقاب 〈qrqạb〉 (one who presses olive oil)
  2. (vulgar) plural form of قرقاب 〈qrqạb〉 (masturbator)

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