The Alternative Libyan Arabic Dictionary: شلال

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شلال 〈sẖlạl〉 pronunciation
  • /ʃlaːl/
noun: شلال 〈sẖlạl〉 (šlāl) {{g}}, شلالات 〈sẖlạlạt〉 (šlālāt) {{g}} (only for sense 2)
  1. (vulgar) feces
  2. (vulgar) a contemptible person
شلال 〈sẖlạl〉 (šəllāl) {{g}}
  1. (vulgar) a person who defecate a lot
  2. (vulgar) a contemptible person
  3. (vulgar) a person who claims to have the ability to do or accomplish something, but has no power to keep up to what he says.

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