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dancot etymology From the same source as dancis, made into a 2nd-conjugation verb (ending -ot). pronunciation {{rfap}}
verb: {{lv-verb}}
  1. (dated sense) to dance (especially ballroom dance) ņemt, lūgt dancot — to take, to invite to dance dancot ar kādu pārī — to dance with someone as a pair tā kā Vecurijos nebija kambara, kur dancot, kāzinieki jau vakarpusē pārgāja uz Upesrijiem — since in Veecuriji there was no ballrom where (one could) dance, the wedding party went in the evening over to Upesriji
  2. (colloquial, of animals) to dance to make quick, often jumping, movements mušas dancoja pa loga rūtīm — the flies were dancing along the window panes zirgs iet, dancodams vien — the horse goes, dancing (= trotting) alone govis danco pa aploku — the cow dances (= moves around) in the corral
  3. (colloquial, of people) to dance to obey someone's orders unquestioningly gan tu man dancosi! — you will dance to (= for) me (= do what I say) likums dancos pēc manas gribas — the law will dance to my will
Synonyms: dejot
related terms:
  • dancis

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