The Alternative Latvian Dictionary: dancināt

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dancināt etymology From dancot + ināt. pronunciation {{rfap}}
verb: {{head}}
  1. lv-inflection of dancināt
  1. (dated sense) to invite to dance, to lead while dancing, to dance with (someone) dancināt visas meitas pēc kārtas — to dance with all women one after the other sestdienas vakaros tepat pie lielajām apsēm puiši meitas dancināja, ka brunči vien pa gaisu plīvoja — Friday night the boys danced with the girls right here, by the big aspen trees
  2. (colloquial) to cause to dance (or to jump, to move fast) gans dancinājis velnu — the shepherd made the devil dance dancināt kumeļu — to make the colt dance (= trot with a dancing gate, raising its legs) dancināt pātagu — to make the whip dance (+ to move it quickly, as if whipping someone)
  3. (colloquial) to make someone carry out several task, order, whim Udris bieži gāja restorānos un ar sevišķu prieku dancināja sulaiņus — Udris often went to restaurants and with special pleasure made the servants dance (= work)
related terms:
  • dancis
  • dancot

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