The Alternative Latvian Dictionary: censonis

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censonis etymology From censties + onis. The standard stem for this verb has š (es cenšos, “I try”), but dialectally also t (es centos), which explains why there are derived forms with t, like centīgs, centība, and with s, like censonis or sacensība (and also, coloquially, censīgs, censība).{{R:lv:LEV|censties}}
noun: {{lv-noun}}
  1. striver, fighter, assiduous person someone who, while overcoming difficulties, tries to achieve a goal; someone who dedicates himself, all his strength, to a goal dzīves sūrums agrāk apraka jauno censoņu sapņus — life's bitterness soon buried the young fighters' dreams viņš domā par censoņiem, viņu sapņiem, viņu cīniņiem — he thought about the strivers, their dreams, their struggles
related terms:
  • censties
  • centība
  • centīgs, (colloquial) censīgs
  • sacensība

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