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buča etymology From Proto-Baltic *bu- (with an extra onomatopoeic č(a), suggesting the sound of kissing), from Proto-Indo-European *bu-. Some researchers suggest borrowing from Germanic; the majority opinion is that this word was not borrowed. Cognates include Lithuanian bùčius, bučinỹs 〈bučinỹs〉, Belarusian буся 〈busâ〉, Bulgarian бузя 〈buzâ〉, Polish buzia, Ukrainian бузя 〈buzâ〉, gml bützen, German bussen (dialectal pussen), Swedish puss, Irish bus, Albanian buzë, Latin bucca.{{R:lv:LEV}} pronunciation
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  1. (colloquial) kiss a touch with the lips, to express love, friendship, respect, devotion viņš deva tai sirsnīgu buču — he gave her a warmhearted kiss kad meita buču saņēmusi, tad viņa iesaucas: “tu pagāns!” un dara tā, it kā tā lūpas gribētu noslaucīt — when the girl received the kiss, she exclaimed: “you heathen!” and did as if she wanted to wipe her lips clean
Synonyms: skūpsts
related terms:
  • bučot

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