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baigs etymology From the same stem as baidīt (q.v.), with an extra g (compare Lithuanian baigìnti). Cognates include Lithuanian dialectal baigus.{{R:lv:LEV}} pronunciation
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adjective: {{lv-adj}}
  1. terrible, dreadful, depressive, grim; that which causes distress, gloomy feeling and fear baigs ugunsgrēksterrible fire baiga tumsaterrible darkness baigs klusumsgrim silence baiga vētraterrible storm baiga kara postažaterrible devastation of war baigs ierocisterrible weapon
  2. feeling, mental state, etc. associate with something depressing, grim, or with fear baigas izjūtasterrible feeling baigas gaidasgrim expectations baigs pārdzīvojumsgrim experience
  3. (colloquial) very intense; very good viņš ir baigais peldētājs — he is a great swimmer baigi foršā ballīte, ko?pretty nifty party, right?

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