The Alternative Korean Dictionary: 박

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etymology 1 {{ko-symbol-nav}}
syllable: {{ko-syllable-hangul}}
  1. {{ko-defn-hangul}}
etymology 2 {{ko-etym-native}}
noun: {{ko-noun}}
  1. gourd, calabash
  2. gourd shell (dried hard and used as a bottle, dipper, etc.)
  3. (slang) head
Synonyms: 바가지 (bagaji) gourd shell (as a dipper), 호로 (葫蘆, horo) (obsolete) gourd, calabash, 호로 (-, -byeong) (original, obsolete), 호리병 (hori-byeong) (current use) gourd shell (as a bottle)
  • 자루 (jaru) bag (flexible container)
  • 포대 (包袋, podae) bag (flexible container)
etymology 3 From Literary Chinese .
proper noun: {{ko-proper noun}}
  1. Park, Pak, one of the popular family names in Korea

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