The Alternative Korean Dictionary: 랑

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etymology 1 {{ko-symbol-nav}}
syllable: {{ko-syllable-hangul}}
  1. {{ko-defn-hangul}}
etymology 2
particle: {{ko-pos}}
  1. (colloquial) and, with
Synonyms: 하고 〈hago〉 Used with nouns ending with a vowel, 이랑 〈ilang〉 is used with nouns ending with a consonant.
etymology 3 Korean reading of various Chinese characters.
syllable: {{Hanja-syl}}
  1. {{ko-hanja-reading}}
  2. {{ko-hanja-reading}}
  3. {{ko-hanja-reading}}
  4. {{ko-hanja-reading}}
  5. {{ko-hanja-reading}}
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