The Alternative Korean Dictionary: 달다

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Entry definition

달다 〈dalda〉
etymology 1 {{ko-etym-native}} pronunciation {{ko-IPA}}
verb: {{ko-verb}}
  1. to become hot
  2. (cooking) to boil down
  3. to be burning up with fever or shame
  4. to feel that one's mouth or nose get dry and hot
  5. to be impatient
related terms:
  • {{ko-l}}, compare {{ko-l}}, {{ko-l}}, {{ko-l}}
  • {{ko-l}}
etymology 2 {{ko-etym-native}} pronunciation {{ko-IPA}}
verb: {{ko-verb}}
  1. (of a, body part) to swell with cold
etymology 3 {{ko-etym-native}} pronunciation {{ko-IPA}}
verb: {{ko-verb}}
  1. (…에 …을) to hang, to hoist
  2. (…에 …을) to attach
  3. (…에 …을) to install
  4. (…에 …을) to add explanation
  5. (…에 …을) to name, to title
  6. (…에 …을) to charge
  7. (…에 …을) to put a mal on the board of yut for the first time
  8. (…에 …을) to couple
  9. (…을) to accompany
related terms:
  • intransitive: {{ko-l}}
etymology 4 {{ko-etym-native}} pronunciation {{ko-IPA}}
verb: {{ko-verb}}
  1. to weigh
etymology 5 {{ko-etym-native}} pronunciation {{ko-IPA}}
verb: {{head}}
  1. to beg, to demand
  2. to ask to do
This word is mainly used in the forms —어 달라/다오.
etymology 6 {{ko-etym-native}} pronunciation {{ko-IPA}}
verb: {{ko-verb}}
  1. (prison slang) alternative form of 얻다
etymology 7 {{ko-etym-native}} pronunciation {{ko-IPA}}
adjective: {{ko-adj}}
  1. to be sweet
  2. to be delicious
  3. to feel good
  4. to deserve
  • {{ko-l}}
etymology 8 {{ko-etym-native}} pronunciation {{ko-IPA}}
adjective: {{ko-adj}}
  1. (Chuncheongbuk-do dialect) alternative form of 배다

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