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etymology 1 From Portuguese coco.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. coconut (fruit)
  2. coconut palm
Synonyms: (fruit) noce di cocco, (palm) palma da cocco
etymology 2
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. darling, favourite person, pet, mollycoddle
etymology 3
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (childish) hen's egg
related terms:
  • cocca
etymology 4
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (biology) coccus
related terms:
  • -cocco
etymology 5
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (mushrooms) Caesar's mushroom ({{taxlink}}).
Synonyms: ovolo, ovolo buono
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. The berry-like cone of the juniper
  2. (informal) cuddle
verb: {{head}}
  1. inflection of coccolare
  2. inflection of coccolare
codificare etymology codice + ificare
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. (transitive) to codify (all senses)
  2. (transitive) to encode
  3. (transitive, informal, computing) to program write code
related terms:
  • codifica
  • codificazione
coglione etymology Ultimately from Latin cōleus.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (taboo slang, literally) testicle
  2. (taboo slang, figuratively) sucker, fool
Synonyms: mona (Venetian slang for cunt. With no plural)., pirla (Milanese slang for cock. With no plural)., bambascione (Lombard slang for "A great stupid"). Plural: "bambascioni"., bamba: the same of "bambacione" used in Brescia city. With no plural., allocco (litterally: brown owl; Plural: "allocchi"), balordo (silly and rambling guy; Plural: "balordi"), barbagianni (litterally: barn owl; without plural)., tonto (Plural: tonti): "dull"., ebete (Plural: ebeti): "deadhead"., deficiente (Plural: deficienti): "headless"., demente (Plural: dementi): "brainless"., ignorante (Plural: ignoranti): "ignorant", "illeterate"., cretino (Plural: cretini): "silly"., fesso (Plural: fessi): "dupe"., scemo (Plural: scemi): "empty head"., stupido (Plural: stupidi): "stupid"., idiota (Plural: idioti): "idiot"., sciocco (Plural: sciocchi): "goofy". , cazzone: stupid. Plural: "cazzoni"., merdaccia: colourless person. Plural: "merdacce"., coglionazzo: inane person. Plural: "coglionazzi"., beota: stubborn. Plural: "beoti"., abelinato (Plural: abelinati, used in Genoa for "Sleepy and silly man")., belinone (Plural: belinoni, the same of above; coming from Liguria)., minchione: used in Southern Italy (expecially in Sicily). It means "Guy with no brain". Plural: "minchioni"., crotano: Venetian slang for obstinate. Plural: "crotani"., cefalo: (literally "grey mullet") A very stupid man. Plural: "cefali"., piparlot (in Ferrara city: a very silly person). With no plural., bec d'oc (in Ferrara city, litterally "Goose's beak". Colloquially "A dull man"). With no plural., coatto (Plural: Coatti, used in Rome for "rude and silly man")., grezzo (Plural: grezzi, for "uncivilized stupid person")., grez (the same of above but used in Ferrara; without plural)., sdoz (from Ferrara, with no plural): "clumsy"., grindolo (Plural: grindoli): "a barbaric and silly farmer"., zeul (in Ferrara city: the same of "cefalo"; see above). With no plural., ciordo (in Ferrara city: the same of "Very stupid"; see above). With no plural., ignureul (slang used in Via Palestro district, in Ferrara city for "stupid and with no culture". With no plural)., gonzo (Plural: gonzi)., citrullo (Used in Tuscany. Plural: citrulli)., grullo (Used in Tuscany. Plural: grulli)., rincoglionito (A person who became stupid for old age. Plural: rincoglioniti)., rimbambito (used in whole Italy) means "What a stupid !". Plural "rimbambiti"., rimba has the same meanings of "rimbambito" and it's a colloquial form. With no plural., mongolo: true meaning is "Down affected guy" ("mongolo" is a "Mongolic eye guy"). In Emilia region is often used for "foolish", with a very ugly meaning. Plural "mongoli"., baccalà (Word used in Veneto region, with no plural. Litterally: "Dried and salted cod" = more and more stupid). Without plural., baccamorto (Word used in Puglia region, Litterally: "Stupid person"., babbeo (Plural: babbei for "silly and without brain"). Plural: "babbei"., merluzzo (Plural: "merluzzi") or "stocafisso" (Plural: "stocafissi)" - literally: codfish for a person who cannot use his brain., abbelinato: used in Genoa for "very silly". Plural "abbelinati"., cazzaro: in Rome, so it's called a person who's going on saying stupid things. Plural "cazzari", fregnacciaro: in Rome, so it's called a person who vaints in vain about not got merits. Plural "fregnacciari". , cottolengo, in some districts in Piedmont region, so it's called a man who should have to be locked up in a mental hospital ("Cottolengo" is the name of a famous hospital in Turin for Down's affected patients). With no plural., frescone: roman word for "a particular kind of silly man". Plural "fresconi"., balabiott lombard word that means: "A poor and stupid man". With no plural., testa di cazzo: litterally cock's head (where "cock" is male sex) or dickhead. It's widely used in whole Italy as "more and more stupid". Plural: "teste di cazzo"., faccia da culo (Plural: facce da culo; literally: "A man having a face like his ass", used like: "A person who do a lot of bad, pointless stupid actions").
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. colloquial
  2. informal
adjective: {{head}}
  1. plural of colloquiale
noun: {{head}}
  1. plural of colloquialismo
colloquialismo etymology colloquiale + ismo
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. colloquialism
colloquialità etymology colloquiale + ità
noun: {{head}}
  1. colloquial character or nature
come pronunciation
  • [ˈkome]
  • {{audio}}
etymology From Latin quomodo + et. Cognate to French comme. See also Spanish como/cómo and Catalan com.
adverb: {{head}}
  1. how Come stai? (informal) How are you? Come sta? (formal) How are you?
  2. as, like Blu come il mare, As blue as the sea.
  3. such as
conjunction: {{head}}
  1. as soon as Come arrivò... - As soon as he arrived...
  • meco
come sta
phrase: {{head}}
  1. (formal) how are you
Synonyms: (how are you) come stai (informal)
adjective: {{head}}
  1. (music) exactly as written
  • moscate
  • scemato
come stai pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
phrase: {{head}}
  1. (informal) how are you
  • mesciato
Synonyms: (how are you) come sta (formal)
come ti chiami pronunciation
  • [ˈkoː.me t̪i ˈkjaː.mi], /ˈkome ti ˈkjami/
  • {{audio}}
phrase: {{head}}
  1. (informal) What is your name? (Lit: What do you call yourself?)
  • ematochimici
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal, Internet) A person who advocates the use of the Internet for the common good of humanity (rather than for commercial gain)
conquibus etymology From the Medieval Latin expression cum quibus, short for cum quibus denariis.{{R:Nocentini|hw=conquibus}}
noun: {{head}}
  1. (informal) wherewithal, cash
convolare etymology From Latin cōnvolāre, present active infinitive of cōnvolō, from con- + volō.
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. (intransitive) to fly together
  2. (intransitive, informal) to marry
  • The second, more normal use, is often expanded to phrases such as convolare a nozze, convolare a giuste nozze or convolare a nuove nozze.
  • convolerà
  • vernacolo
coreggia Alternative forms: correggia etymology Uncertain, probably of onomatopoeic origin. pronunciation
  • /koˈre.d͡ːʒa/, [koˈr̺ed.d͡ʒa]
  • {{hyphenation}}.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (archaic, vulgar) fart, flatus
crepare etymology From Latin crepāre, present active infinitive of crepō.
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. to crack (something)
  2. (informal, intransitive) to die (to snuff it or kick the bucket)
Se avete invidia, crepate (If you are jealous, keel over and die) - Carlo Goldoni, I Due Gemelli Veneziani Synonyms: (die) morire
  • creperà
crucco {{wikipedia}} etymology From Serbo-Croatian kruh. Originally crucco denoted a South Slav (Slovene, Croat etc), but during the Second World War the meaning changed to "German".{{R:Nocentini|hw=crucco}} pronunciation
  • {{rhymes}}
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. (offensive, ethnic slur) kraut
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (offensive, ethnic slur) kraut; a German person.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (pejorative) blackleg, scab (female)
  • curarmi
  • murarci
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (pejorative) strikebreaker, blackleg, scab (male)
related terms:
  • crumiraggio
  • cimurro
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. (informal) According to the purist dictates of the
cruschevolmente etymology cruschevole + mente
adverb: {{it-adv}}
  1. (informal) In a manner according to the purist dictates of the
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (pejorative, vulgar) faggot, poof, queer
Synonyms: finocchio, frocio
related terms:
  • culo
culo etymology From Latin culus
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (vulgar slang) ass, bottom, buttock, butt
Synonyms: deretano, sedere, fondoschiena, didietro, chiappe, posteriore, natiche, pear or pevar (slang used in Ferrara city), bofez or boffice or bogio (slang used in Emilia Region)
  • (idiomatic) avere la faccia come il culo (literally, "to have a face like an arse", "someone's face looks like an arse" = to have a bare-faced cheek).
  • (idiomatic) avere un culo così grande (literally, "to have such a big arse" = to be very lucky).
  • (idiomatic) che culo!/che culazzo! (literally, what a butt! / what an ugly butt!" = to be luckier and luckier).
  • (idiomatic) dar un calcio nel culo a qualcuno (literally, "to kick someone’s ass" = to help someone secretly).
  • (idiomatic) esser un culo (literally, "to be an arse" = to be an idiot).
  • (idiomatic) faccia da culo (literally, "butt face" or "arse face" = impudent person).
  • (idiomatic) fare il culo a qualcuno (literally, "to make the bottom at somebody" = to let someone serve his sentence).
  • (idiomatic) prender per il culo (literally, "to catch by the arse" = to pull someone’s leg in a very impudent way).
  • (idiomatic) rompere il culo (literally, "to break the arse" = to cause serious damage).
  • (idiomatic) rotto nel culo / rottinculo (literally, "broken arse" = bastard).
  • (idiomatic) vaffanculo (litterally, "Put your cock in one's arse", a very ugly sentence for "Go away").
  • (idiomatic) vai a vendere il culo (litterally, "Go and sell your arse" = you're a bitch (for a woman) / you're a gay (for a man).
  • clou
  • luco
da dove vieni
phrase: {{head}}
  1. (informal) where are you from?
del cazzo
adjective: {{head}}
  1. (vulgar) fucking (used an an intensifier) C'è un freddo del cazzo - It's fucking cold.
Synonyms: del cavolo, cazzo di, accidenti di
  • dolcezza
noun: {{it-noun}} (Diminutive of: dente)
  1. (colloquial) milk tooth, baby tooth
Synonyms: dente da latte
  • dentoni
  • intendo
  • tendoni
dentro etymology From Latin de + intro.Angelo Prati, "Vocabolario Etimologico Italiano", Torino, 1951
adverb: {{it-adv}}
  1. inside; indoors
  2. inwardly
  3. (informal) imprisoned
preposition: {{head}}
  1. in
noun: {{head}}
  1. inside
related terms:
  • di dentro
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal) backside, buttocks
  • denotare
  • denoterà
  • detonare
  • detonerà
di brutto
adverb: di brutto
  1. (familiar, slang) a lot, very much, like crazy, like mad, like hell piove di brutto - it's raining like hell mi piace di brutto - I love it like mad
Synonyms: una cifra, un sacco, alla grande, moltissimo, tantissimo
adverb: {{it-adv}} (Or di dietro)
  1. behind
adjective: {{head}}
  1. back, rear
noun: {{head}}
  1. rear
  2. (informal) backside
noun: {{head}}
  1. (informal) money
di prim'ordine
adverb: {{it-adv}}
  1. (colloquial) spanking An intensifier.
adjective: {{head}}
  1. crackerjack, tiptop
related terms:
  • smaccatamente
ditalino etymology ditale + ino
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. diminutive of ditale
  2. (chiefly, in the plural) short pasta ring with ribbed sides
  3. (slang) finger fucking, fingering
  • dilatino
  • dilatoni
noun: {{it-noun}} (Diminutive of: donna)
  1. little woman
  2. ordinary woman
  3. (pejorative) old maid, old wife
  • nettando, tentando
drago etymology From Latin draco.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. dragon
  2. (informal) expert, whizz
  3. (heraldry) dragon
verb: {{head}}
  1. inflection of dragare
  • droga, godrà, grado
erba pronunciation
  • [ˈɛrba]
etymology From Latin herba, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *gʰreH₁- 〈*gʰreH₁-〉, *g(')herə-.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. grass
  2. herb
  3. (slang, invariable) marijuana
related terms:
  • diserbante
  • diserbare
  • tagliaerba
  • tosaerba
  • punto erba
  • bare
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. Eve (attributive)
  2. (informal) naked
related terms:
  • Eva
faccia da culo
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (idiomatic, vulgar) asshole impudent person
Synonyms: faccia di culo
fancazzismo etymology From fare + cazzo
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal) The art of lazing around, doing nothing (as a philosophy or lifestyle choice)
related terms:
  • fancazzista
fancazzista etymology From fancazzismo
noun: {{it-noun}} or {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal) A person who lazes around all the time, doing nothing
fantastico etymology From ll phantasticus
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. fabulous, imaginary, imaginative, fantastic
  2. (colloquial) fantastic, wonderful, great, terrific
Synonyms: (2) meraviglioso, favoloso
related terms:
  • fantasticamente
  • fantasticare
  • fantasticheria
verb: {{head}}
  1. inflection of fantasticare
farsi il culo
verb: {{head}}
  1. to work someone's ass off
  2. (idiomatic) To work excessively or to the point of exhaustion.
  3. (idiomatic) To work very hard or to excess. He worked our asses off all week. We worked our asses off for him all week.
Synonyms: work one's ass off (US) / work one's arse off (UK) (most vulgar), work one's cunt off (vulgar, less common, used by both men and women), work one's tail off (least vulgar), work one's head off (of mental work)
related terms:
  • talk someone's ear off
  • work someone's butt off
fascio etymology From Latin fascis or fascia.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. bundle (of wood)
  2. sheaf (of hay)
  3. bunch (of flowers)
  4. beam (of light)
  5. fasces (especially in plural)
  6. fascism
  7. (slang) a fascist
  8. (mathematics) sheaf
  9. (anatomy) fasciculus, bundle
related terms:
  • affasciare
  • fascia
  • fasciare
  • fascio littorio
  • fiasco
  • sfocai
  • sfocia
fascista etymology fascio + ista
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. fascist
  2. (derogatory) fascist
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. Fascist
  2. (derogatory) fascist
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. female fascist
  2. (derogatory) female fascist
related terms:
  • fascismo
  • fascistizzare
  • neofascista
  • scafista
fatto {{wikipedia}} pronunciation
  • /ˈ
etymology 1 From Latin factus.
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. done, made
  2. fit, right, made
  3. grown
  4. (slang, ) stoned, baked, high, wasted, stuffed
Synonyms: (fit etc) adatto, (grown) adulto
etymology 2 From Latin factum. Angelo Prati, "Vocabolario Etimologico Italiano", Torino, 1951
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. fact, event, occurrence, matter, affair, business, action, story
Synonyms: evento, avvenimento, faccenda, affare
verb: {{it-pp}}
  1. past participle of fare
  2. past participle of farsi
  • fotta
fava {{wikipedia}} etymology From Latin faba
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. fava bean, broad bean
  2. (vulgar) cock (slang for penis)
related terms:
  • favata
  • faverella
  • favetta
  • faveto
  • favino
  • favismo
  • sfavare
femminuccia etymology femmina + uccia
noun: {{it-noun}} (Diminutive of femmina)
  1. Little girl
  2. Female baby
  3. (informal) A weak, cowardly person
festaiolo etymology festa + aiolo pronunciation
  • /fe.sta.ˈjɔ.lo/
  • {{rhymes}}
  • {{hyphenation}}
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. festive
  2. party (attributive)
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. merrymaker, partygoer, binger
  2. (informal) party animal
fica etymology Uncertain. Probably from vl *fīca < Latin fīcus for the sense of fig fruit. Compare Catalan and Occitan figa.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) pussy
  2. (vulgar, slang) sexually attractive woman
  3. (regional) fig (fresh fruit)
Synonyms: (cunt etc) bernarda, filiberta, buco, mussa, cosina, fregna, farfallina, gnocca, micia, mona, passera, patacca, patata, sorca, topa, ubalda , fighetta, (fig) fico,
related terms:
  • fico
Slang term becomes figa in Northern Italy.
adjective: {{it-adj-sup}}
  1. (slang) Very great, very cool (Variant of: fighissimo).
fico {{wikipedia}} etymology From Latin ficus. pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. (slang) great, cool (admirable)
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. fig (fresh fruit and tree)
  2. (slang) cool guy
Slang term becomes figo in Northern Italy.
  • foci
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. alternative form of fica
  2. (vulgar, chiefly, Northern Italy) cunt, pussy
adjective: {{head}}
  1. feminine of figo
figaro etymology From the eponymous character in various dramas.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal) barber
  2. A bolero (short jacket)
  • forgia
  • frogia
adjective: {{it-adj-sup}}
  1. (slang) Very great, very cool (admirable).
figlia di puttana
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, derogatory, slang, literally) daughter of a whore
  2. bitch
related terms:
  • figlio di puttana
figlio di puttana
noun: {{it-noun}} Feminine figlia di puttana
  1. (vulgar, derogatory, taboo slang, literally) son of a whore; (idiomatically) son of a bitch, motherfucker, arsehole (UK)/asshole (US), bastard
  • figlio di buona donna (used sarcastically as a synonym, literally meaning son of a good woman)
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. (slang) great, cool (admirable)
fisco etymology From Latin fiscus.
noun: {{wikipedia}} {{it-noun}}
  1. exchequer, treasury
  2. taxation or the revenue obtained by taxation
  3. Inland Revenue (British), Internal Revenue Service (US) (Government department with responsibility for collecting taxation)
  4. (informal, especially in plural) tax inspector, taxman (More properly: ispettore del fisco)
  • sfoci
noun: {{head}}
  1. (informal) backside, seat
noun: {{head}}
  1. plural of formalina
  • informale
verb: {{it-verb}} pronomial (Compound of: fottersi and ne)
  1. (slang) To not care about; to not give a fuck about
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. reflexive of fottere
  2. (reflexive, slang) to be indifferent; to not give a fuck
  3. (reflexive) to fuck oneself
related terms:
  • fottersene
adjective: {{it-adj-sup}} (Superlative of: fottuto)
  1. (vulgar) really fucking, fucking
verb: {{it-pp}}
  1. past participle of fottere
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. (slang) bloody, fucking
verb: {{it-pp}}
  1. past participle of fregare
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. (informal) swindled, taken in, ripped off
fregna etymology The origin is unknown. Perhaps from Latin fricare, with -gn- under the influence of frangere.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) cunt
  2. nonsense, crap
fresco pronunciation
  • /ˈfreː.sko/
etymology From Malayalam friscus, frescus, of gem origin, from Proto-Germanic *friskaz, from Proto-Indo-European *preisk-.
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. fresh
  2. cool
  3. wet, fresh of paint
  • asciutto (3)
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. coolness, freshness, cool
  2. light wool material
  3. (informal) cooler prison examplestare al fresco to be in the cooler
related terms:
  • affrescare
  • al fresco
  • frescura
  • caldo
  • scrofe
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. (pejorative) queer (homosexual)
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (pejorative) queer, faggot (US), poof (UK) (homosexual male)
noun: {{it-noun}} (Diminutive of: fumata)
  1. (colloquial) smoke
gambalesta etymology From a character in a work by
noun: {{head}}
  1. (informal) A fast runner
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal, especially in plural) Muscular upper leg(s) (especially of a woman)
noun: {{it-noun}} {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal) A member of a gang
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. (archaic) extra-marriage lover
  2. (informal) smart, clever, cool; similar to figo but with a slightly less sexual sense/component and a component of furbo. It's a mix of "brilliant", [mildly] "gorgeous", [very] "cool" and [sort of] presumptuous.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal) throat, gullet
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal) clink, slammer (prison)
adverb: {{it-adv}}
  1. on all fours
related terms:
  • gattonare
noun: {{head}}
  1. (disease, plurale tantum, colloquial) mumps
  2. plural of gattone
Synonyms: (mumps) parotite, orecchioni
verb: {{head}}
  1. inflection of gattonare
  2. inflection of gattonare
  3. inflection of gattonare
  4. inflection of gattonare
  5. inflection of gattonare
  • attingo, gattino
geniaccio etymology genio + accio
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal) genius
related terms:
  • genio
noun: {{head}} {{g}}, {{g}} only
  1. (literary, humorous) deeds, exploits, achievements
gettar fumo negli occhi
verb: {{head}}
  1. (idiomatic, informal) to pull the wool over someone's eyes
  2. to deceive (someone)
già etymology From Latin iam, from Proto-Indo-European *yē. Cognate with Gothic 𐌾𐌰 〈𐌾𐌰〉, 𐌾𐌰𐌹 〈𐌾𐌰𐌹〉, Old High German ja, Old English ġēa. More at yea, yes. pronunciation
  • /ˈdʒa/
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • {{rhymes}}
adverb: {{head}}
  1. already
  2. former, ex- Via Montello (già Trento) — Montello street (formerly known as Trento street) Mario Rossi, già ministro delle Finanze — Mario Rossi, former finance minister
  3. (informal) yes
  4. an expletive, a word that adds to the strength of a phrase without affecting its meaning and is usually left untranslated Non credo io già, che ve ne avréte a male (I do not think you will take it ill)
Synonyms: ormai, fin d'ora
related terms:
  • giacché
  • agi, agì, gai
gnocca etymology Feminized version of gnocco pronunciation
  • /ˈɲɔkka/
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) A pussy, a cunt.
  2. (vulgar) A dish, a babe, a doll, a fox, a piece of ass.
Synonyms: fica, figa
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. (informal) A government that has a large parliamentary majority or has very influential politician
granoso etymology grano + oso
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. grain- or corn-producing
  2. (informal) loaded rich
gregario {{wikipedia}} etymology From Latin gregarius.
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. pertaining or relative to a follower; unable of showing any enterprise or autonomy
    • atteggiamento gregario.
    • follower's attitude.
  2. (of an animal) living in flocks, packs or likes
  3. (of a plant) with many specimina growing in the same place
noun: {{it-noun}}(feminine:gregaria)
  1. (derogatory) one who passively follows other's instructions, never acting on his own, follower
    • Essere un semplice gregario.
    • To be nothing but a follower.
  2. (cycling) domestique
  3. (old) grunt
Synonyms: seguace, subalterno
  • aggirerò
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. trigger
  2. (informal) clitoris
guanto etymology From Old Provençal, from Old French guant, from ll *vantus, from frk *want . Cognates include Catalan guant and Spanish guante.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. glove
  2. (slang) condom
Synonyms: (condom) preservativo, profilattico
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. (intransitive, transitive, colloquial) To bring bad luck, to jinx.
  2. (intransitive) To hoot (of an owl).
related terms:
  • gufo
  • fugare, guferà
noun: {{it-noun}} (Augmentative of: idea)
  1. (colloquial) great idea
  • dionea, ideano, idonea
idiota etymology Borrowed from Latin idiōta, from Ancient Greek ἰδιώτης 〈idiṓtēs〉 from ἴδιος 〈ídios〉.
noun: {{it-noun}} {{it-noun}}
  1. (pejorative) idiot, moron, clot
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. idiotic
related terms:
  • idiozia / idiotaggine
  • idiotismo
  • iodati, odiati
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. (psychology, obsolete) imbecile
  2. (pejorative) fool, idiot, stupid, moron
Synonyms: (fool etc) stupido, idiota, cretino, deficiente, scemo
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. fool, idiot, clot (male)
  1. fool, idiot, clot (female)
impallare etymology {{confix}}
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. (transitive, informal) to catch someone out
  2. (transitive, informal) to make a balls-up or cock-up of
related terms:
  • impallarsi
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. reflexive of impallare
  2. (informal, computing, of a PC) to freeze, hang (or otherwise suddenly stop working)
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. (reflexive, informal) to not give a damn
  • priapismi
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. (reflexive, informal) to become uptight or narked; to get one's knickers in a twist
incazzare etymology {{rfe}}
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. (transitive, informal) to get someone steamed up
related terms:
  • incazzarsi
  • incazzato
  • incazzerà
verb: {{it-verb}}
  1. reflexive of incazzare
  2. (vulgar) to get angry, steamed up; to be pissed off
incazzosamente etymology incazzoso + mente
adverb: {{it-adv}}
  1. (vulgar) bitchily, touchily, grouchily, grumpily
incazzoso etymology incazzarsi + oso
adjective: {{it-adj}}
  1. (vulgar) touchy, grouchy, bitchy
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