The Alternative Italian Dictionary: canna

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canna {{wikipedia}} etymology From Latin canna, from Ancient Greek κάννα 〈kánna〉, from Akkadian 𒄀 〈𒄀〉, from Sumerian 𒄀𒈾 〈𒄀𒈾〉.
noun: {{it-noun}}
  1. cane
  2. barrel (of a gun) examplecanna cilidrica
  3. rod (fishing) examplecanna da pesca
  4. tube, pipe (on a pump organ or a trachea) examplecanne dell'organo
  5. chute
  6. (slang) joint
Synonyms: (joint) spinello
related terms: {{rel3}}
verb: {{head}}
  1. inflection of cannare
  2. inflection of cannare

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