The Alternative Icelandic Dictionary: fylgja

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fylgja etymology From Old Norse fylgja, from Proto-Germanic *fulgijaną. pronunciation
  • /ˈfɪlca/
  • {{rhymes}}
verb: {{is-verb-weak}}
  1. to accompany, follow
  2. to legally belong with
  3. to come bundled with or be part of the benefits or rights that follow something
  4. to follow, abide by (a rule, law, tradition, etc.)
  5. to follow, agree with, support
noun: {{is-noun}}
  1. (obsolete) company (the act of accompanying, i.e. following, going as someone's companion)
  2. placenta
  3. (folklore) a spirit which follows someone; guardian spirit
  4. (computing, slang) attachment file sent with an e-mail message
Synonyms: (company) fylgd, (placenta) legkaka, barnsfylgja, fósturfylgja, (attachment) viðhengi, fylgiskjal

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