The Alternative Icelandic Dictionary: baula

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baula pronunciation
  • /ˈpøyːla/ {{rhymes}}
etymology 1 From Old Norse baula.
verb: {{is-verb-weak}}
  1. (of a cow) to moo, to low
  2. to make a loud (deep) noise; to bellow
noun: {{is-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) cow
  2. the hyoid of a cod (or similar fish)
etymology 2 From Danish bøjle, from an older bøgel, related to Norwegian Nynorsk bøygjel, Swedish bögel, from Proto-Germanic *baugila-.
noun: {{is-noun}}
  1. U-bolt
  2. (music) crook (length of tubing used to tune brass instruments)
  3. (music) barrel (part of a clarinet which connects the mouthpiece and upper joint)

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