The Alternative Hungarian Dictionary: egy húron pendülnek

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egy húron pendülnek etymology Literally, "they sound on one string": egy húr -on pendül -nek.
phrase: {{head}}
  1. (idiomatic, colloquial) they are birds of a feather (they are alike)
    • 1884, , A lőcsei fehér asszony (The White Woman from Lőcse), chapter XL: Éppen most volt szerencsém megérteni, hogy a nagyurak ígérete meg a beteg ember fogadása egy húron pendülnek. I have just had the chance to understand that the promise of the rich and the wager of a sick man are birds of a feather.
Most of the time it is used in a negative sense: They have the same reprehensible and wrong opinion and point of view. Synonyms: egyformák, egyik kutya, másik eb

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