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cigány etymology From a sla language; compare Slovene cigan, Serbo-Croatian Cȉgani. Ultimately from Byzantine gkm τσιγγάνος 〈tsingános〉, from a word meaning "untouchable".'''2004''', Viorel Achim, ''The Roma in Romanian History'' (Bucharest), page 9'''2007''', Jean-Pierre Liégeois, ''Roma In Europe'', page 17'''1993''', ''Struggling for Ethnic Identity: The Gypsies of Hungary'' (published by Human Rights Watch), page 1 Compare German Zigeuner, which is cognate. pronunciation
  • /ˈt͡siɡaːɲ/
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adjective: {{hu-adj}}
  1. Gypsy
  2. (offensive) bad, worthless
noun: {{hu-noun}}
  1. Gypsy
  2. (no plural) the language of the Roma people : Romani
Synonyms: roma

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