The Alternative Hungarian Dictionary: becsap

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becsap etymology {{hu-prefix}} pronunciation
  • /ˈbɛt͡ʃɑp/
  • {{hyphenation}}
verb: {{hu-verb}}
  1. (transitive) to slam, bang to shut with sudden force Ne csapd be az ajtót! — Don't slam the door!
  2. (transitive, dated) to swindle, cheat, deceive, defraud, fool, trick Engem nem csapsz be még egyszer! — You won't catch me again!
  3. (intransitive) to hit, strike ({{hu-case}})
  4. (transitive, colloquial) to gulp down, toss back to drink very quickly
Synonyms: (to swindle, cheat, trick) átver, rászed

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