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bír pronunciation
  • {{hu-IPA}}
verb: {{hu-verb}}
  1. to endure, to stand, to bear, to cope with something ({{hu-case}}) Nem bírja a nehéz munkát. - He can't do hard work.
  2. to be able to do, to manage something ({{hu-case}}) Nem bírom megoldani a feladatot. - I am not able to solve the excercise.
  3. to be able to handle something ({{hu-case}}) Nem bírok ezzel a gyerekkel. - I can't handle this kid.
  4. (formal) to possess, to own, to bear something ({{hu-case}}) Ez nagy jelentőséggel bír. - This bears great significance.
  5. to persuade, to induce to do something ({{hu-case}}) Vallomásra bírták. - They got him to confess.
  6. (colloquial) to like someone or something ({{hu-case}}) Nagyon bírom őket! - I like them very much.

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