The Alternative German Dictionary: anderleuts

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anderleuts etymology Contraction of andere Leute ("other people") + genitive ending -s. The latter is applied here on the model of the genitives of other indefinite pronouns. However, the form anderleuts is peculiar because Leute is plural and plural genitives never take -s in standard German. Compare the similar Dutch andermans. pronunciation
  • /ˈandɐˌlɔʏ̯ts/
pronoun: {{de-pronoun}}
  1. (indefinite, colloquial) other people's, someone else's Mit anderleuts Sachen muss man vorsichtig sein. With someone else's things you must be careful.
The colloquial anderleuts always precedes that which is possessed. In standard German proper the correct genitive plural anderer Leute must be used, which may precede or follow the possession: mit anderer Leute Sachen, or: mit den Sachen anderer Leute. (In the latter case Leute can fall away: mit den Sachen anderer – with the things of others.)

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