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etymology 1 From Old High German ab, from Proto-Germanic *ab.
  • (Standard German) /ap/, [ʔäpʰ]
  • (Switzerland) /ab̥/
preposition: {{head}}
  1. Beginning at that time or location; from. exampleab heute verfügbar available from today on
etymology 2 From adverbial use of the preposition in verbs such as abschlagen, abgehen etc.
adjective: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) off; not attached to anything anymore Der Arm ist ab. The arm is (hewn) off.
  2. (nonstandard) off; not attached to anything anymore Der abbe Arm ist verschwunden. The (hewn) off arm has disappeared.
  • The predicative use is common in colloquial German throughout the country.
  • The inflected forms are mostly used in Western and Northern Germany and are considerably less common than the predicative use. They used to be used mostly jocular, but become gradually more frequent since they are much shorter than the appropriate full verb forms such as abgetrennt.
  • The inflected forms retain the devoiced consonant. Hence, sometimes they are spelled with P, rather than B: Appes Bein.

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