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aalen etymology The sense of to hunt eels derives from Aal (eel). The colloquial senses derive from the appearance of the eel and its way of moving. pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • Pronunciation: [ˈaːlən]
  • {{homophones}}
verb: {{de-verb-weak}}
  1. to hunt eel, to go on an eel-hunt Bis ans Ende seiner Tage aalt John noch im See hinter seinem Haus. John hunted eels in the lake behind his house until the end of his days.
  2. (colloquial, reflexiv) to stretch out, especially laughing (compare rotfl) Beim Erzählen der alten Anekdoten aalten wir uns vor Lachen. ≈ As we listened to the old anecdotes, we threw our heads back, laughing.
  3. (colloquial) to relax (eg as on vacation)
  • (hunt) Fischfang, Jagd
related terms:
  • Aal

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