The Alternative German Dictionary: Arsch

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Arsch etymology From Old High German ars, from Proto-Germanic *arsaz, from Proto-Indo-European *h₃érsos 〈*h₃érsos〉, *orso-. Compare Dutch aars, English arse, Norwegian rass. pronunciation
  • /aʁʃ/ (standard)
  • /aːʃ/ (widespread, especially northern and central Germany)
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noun: {{de-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) arse, posterior, buttocks
In formal settings, Arsch is vulgar and inappropriate; in informal settings (e.g. among friends or family) this often not the case. Note, however, that Arsch when used referring to a person of the opposite sex may have a stronger sexual implication than some synonyms (which might, again, make the word inappropriate in certain contexts). Synonyms: Gesäß, Hintern, Po

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