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tygum etymology Originally dative form of fo, from Old Norse non, from Proto-Germanic *jūz, from Proto-Indo-European *túh₂ 〈*túh₂〉. pronunciation
  • [ˈtʰiːjʊn]
pronoun: {{head}}
  1. (very formal) (rare) thou, you ( 2nd person singular, formal register pronoun).
    • eru tygum eingilskmaður / onglendingur? - are you an Englishman?
    • eru tygum amerikanari? - are you an American?
    • eru tygum føroyingur? - are you Faroese?
    • eru tygum týskari? - are you a German?
    • eru tygum dani? - are you a Dane?
    • eru tygum norðmaður? - are you a Norwegian?
    • eru tygum íslendingur? - are you an Icelander?
    • eru tygum svii / svíi? - are you a Swede?
    • hvussu gamal eru tygum? - how old ({{g}} {{g}}) are ({{g}}) you ({{g}})?
    • tosa tygum enskt? - do you speak English?
Synonyms: (informal) Tygum is only used in the singular. Its plural is the common tit. In addition, it takes plural verbs and singular adjectives.

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