The Alternative Faroese Dictionary: reisa

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reisa pronunciation
  • [ˈɹaiːsa]
etymology 1 From late Old Norse reisa, from gml reise.
noun: {{fo-noun}}
  1. journey
  2. time, times
Synonyms: (journey) ferð, (time, times) reis, sinn
etymology 2 A merger of ríse, from Old Norse rísa and Old Norse reisa. In the sense "go, travel" from gml reisen.
verb: {{fo-verb}}
  1. to raise, to lever, to lift
  2. to build
  3. to begin
  4. (colloquial) to travel
Synonyms: (to lift) fáa at rísa, hevja, lyfta, (to build) gera (smíða, laða, ...), (to begin) byrja, (to travel) ferðast

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