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mogga etymology The verb is first mentioned in Svabo's Dictionarium Færoense from about 1773. There, he describes it neutral as ‘to lie with a woman’ (Danish: bivaane et Fruetimmer, Latin: foeminam inire, coitum cum sexu femineo exercere). The second meaning is ‘to cut with a dull knife’ (Danish: skære med sløv Kniv, Latin: hebeti cultro secare). Hammershaimb/Jakobsen 1891 don't mention it, and Chr. Matras 1961 describes the first meaning as vulgar, and the second as archaic. This is also true for the Føroysk orðabók 1998. pronunciation
  • [ˈmɔɡːa]
verb: {{fo-verb}}
  1. (obscene, vulgar) to fuck
    • hví moggar eingin í føroyskum skaldskapi? why does nobody fuck in Faroese fiction?
  2. (archaic) to cut with a dull knife
Synonyms: hava samlegu (to have sex), fara at, vera at

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