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gaai pronunciation
  • /ˈɣaːi̯/
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etymology 1 From Old French gai (like English jay), from ll gaius, plausibly echoic and supposedly influenced by the Roman common given name Gaius (=Caius, which in turn has been hypothetically derived from gaudeo or from gaius, while the French may well derive from gai, itself of gem origin.
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. (zoology) The jaybird, {{taxlink}}, a woodland corvine species
Synonyms: Vlaamse gaai (literally 'Flemish jay')
etymology 2 A parallel form of papagaai, by popular etymology confused with etymology 1, but actually from Middle Dutch papagoie, papegoie, from Arabic بَبّغَاء 〈bab̃gẖāʾ〉 and Persian بپغا 〈bpgẖạ〉, of uncertain origin.
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. A wooden, somewhat bird-shaped target, often ornamented with bright plumes, used in archery competitions
  2. The high wooden stake or tower the above is mounted on
Synonyms: (wooden base) wip, schutsboom {{g2}}
etymology 3 gem, a parallel form of gade (cognate with German Gatte).
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. (uncommon) A female spouse, notably (and mostly used in the diminutive):
    1. a female bird
    2. a female fish
    3. (humorous) a human mistress or wife
Synonyms: (animals) wijfje {{g2}}

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