The Alternative Dutch Dictionary: flikker

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Entry definition

flikker etymology {{rfe}} pronunciation
  • /ˈflɪ.kər/
  • {{audio}}
  • {{hyphenation}}
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. A mender, fixer, someone who mends or fixes
  2. A jump while clicking the heel
  3. A human body, especially when in the nude
  4. (Netherlands) A bit Maakt me geen flikker uit. I don’t care a bit.
  5. (slang, contemptuous, pejorative) A homosexual male; a queer.
Synonyms: (mender) fikser {{g2}}, reparateur, (human body) lijf {{g2}}, (bit) moer, zier, (homosexual) homo, jeanet
verb: {{nl-verb-form}}
  1. nl-verb form of flikkeren
  2. nl-verb form of flikkeren

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