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donder etymology From Middle Dutch donre, donner, donder, from odt *thunar, *thonar, from Proto-Germanic *þunraz, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *(s)tenh₂- 〈*(s)tenh₂-〉. Compare German Donner, West Frisian tonger, English thunder. pronunciation
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noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. thunder
  2. (informal) the head or body Kees kreeg van zijn vader een klap op zijn donder. Kees got a clout against the head from his father.
  3. (informal) a thing (as in not a single thing) Wat je nu doet haalt geen donder uit! What you're doing right now isn't achieving a thing!
verb: {{nl-verb-form}}
  1. nl-verb form of donderen
  2. nl-verb form of donderen

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