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chateau migraine {{was fwotd}} Alternative forms: château migraine etymology The term 'chateau' is used in imitation of the many French wines named after a château, with migraine added for humorous effect, as it is itself a French loanword and seems like a plausible name for a wine if not for its actual meaning. pronunciation
  • /ʃɑˌtoː miˈɡrɛːnə/
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. (humorous) cheap or poor quality wine, said to give one a headache
    • 2013, M. Blum, L.F. Kaiser, Trouwen voor Dummies, Pearson Education, page 142: Afhankelijk van het huis kan dit een prima wijntje zijn of chateau migraine. Depending on the house, this can be a perfectly good wine or a chateau migraine.

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